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Help people in our community learn English language and job skills

Support free classes, childcare, and transportation for refugees, immigrants, and Americans

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Donations help us provide free English language classes in Lincoln

Lincoln Literacy is a multi-award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We provide a continuum of services rooted in language and literacy skills.

Imagine arriving in Lincoln from another country. You don't speak English, and no one understands you. You have skills from your home country, but it's hard to find a good-paying job when you can't communicate with your boss or team. And even if you could study English, who will watch your children while you're in class? How will you even get to class?

That's how Lincoln Literacy helps. Our services change lives and give people the freedom to thrive in our community. We help our newest neighbors communicate in English and provide in-demand preparation for careers in healthcare, transportation, and education. We meet people where they are to register and assess students and also ask about their dreams. We even provide childcare and transportation so our students can attend classes.

Lincoln Literacy served a record number of students in 2022 — 1,109 adult learners and 296 children. This incredible 37% growth from 2021 is largely due to an influx of Ukrainian and Afghan refugees escaping tragic circumstances. In response, we increased our classes — now 100+ per week, 6 days per week at 12 locations — increased van routes, and added staff to our team.

We maintained a high level of quality in 2022 with 68% of students increasing at least one level on our English assessment after 6 months of classes, 92% reporting high satisfaction with classes, and nearly 30% reporting Lincoln Literacy helped them find a job. We are maintaining the same level of attendance in 2023 as we did (with the 37% increase!) in 2022.

We operate thanks to the dedication of our 25+ person staff (who speak 13 different languages, including Ukrainian, Dari, and Pashto) and 180+ volunteers who teach our English language and job-related classes. But we need your help to continue meeting our community's growing needs. Our workforce needs skilled workers, and our students want to work.

Lincoln Literacy is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams by building on their skills. Our students are refugees, immigrants, and Americans who've struggled with literacy. They study with us and go on to further their formal education, start businesses, or improve their lives with enhanced English understanding.

We offer:

  • 100+ English classes from beginner to advanced levels
  • 1:1 tutoring matches
  • Driving in the USA
  • Citizenship classes
  • Health literacy class
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) exam preparation class
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam and licensure preparation class
  • School jobs prep class - resume and interview assistance for all LPS jobs
  • Individual case management to degreed and credentialed newcomers to help them return to their professions
  • Teaching English to current manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare organization employees to improve safety, English, and upward mobility.

Thank you for supporting our English and workforce development classes.